Seersucker and Sundresses

by Shat Shorts

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6 songs. recorded summer 2010. tape out on keep it together records.


released September 11, 2010

recorded at HQ




Shat Shorts D.C.

five friends making weird music together. we're from dc. we'll play whatever basement if you email us at

members of Monument
ex members of Dawntreader, The Summer We Went West, French Stewart, Mop Attack, Hobis
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Track Name: Amateur Hour
I wanna bite the hand that feeds me
And maybe you will disagree
But what's the deal with shows on Tuesday night
With 7 other bands that just ain't right

I'm really sorry your show fell through
I'm sure you're a bunch of good bands good dudes
Things go so long and some bands don't play
There's got to be a better way
30 minute setup for a 40 minute set
Summed up times five and I start to regret
Changing my plans from taking a nap
All this time that I won't get back
Watching you break string after string
And you're demanding more instruments like some kind of king?

i wanna make you wish you'd never book me
just handle my criticism to some degree
Cmon! What is this amateur hour
say no, you have the power

And please don't make me headline
Cuz that's when the crowd declines
This show has gone too long
Who wants to hear another boring song?
Track Name: Quarterlife Crisis
Buying apparel with the letters of my frat
No matter how hard I try I can't turn the time back
As My face starts to sag and My gut starts to expand
Everywhere I look my life is so bland
Its just Wake work sleep
I stole that line. it's not that deep
Nothing's exciting, not like those days
Look at my hair and I start to see grays
A stark reminder I'm heading toward oblivion
Like how I don't get these Girls named vivian
All these new sounds and none make sense
I only think in the past tense
The first words out of my mouth are remember the time...
Reminiscing about those days in my prime
I was king of it all, head of the castle
And I Exchanged it all that for a tassel
All my life has led up to this
And all I think about is what I miss
Track Name: Liveblogging the Loss of My Virginity
this blogs going live

So excited, I've been waiting all day
setting up my blog and I'm on my way
Wait for my connection to get full bars
Get ready baby cuz we're gonna be stars
And I'm pulling out my dick
Advertisements up and I'm ready to go
Performance anxiety hope I can grow
All the ads sayin they can help
No idea cuz I've never been felt
and I'm ready for heaven

Mind is racing; hands are fumbling
Worried about the condom; when I should be tumbling
Phone in hand; updates about to start
Ready for the internet, to tear me apart

and we're out the gate
it feels pretty great
Things are getting close gotta try to hold it
got a royal flush and I'm about to fold it

I'm running out of time

(Cuz) I'm getting closer
And closer
And closer
And closer
I'm done
Track Name: Zombies Ate My Neighbors
No one knows how, No one knows why
One day the dead just started to rise

Panic and fear start to set in
This hell has started to begin
Always knew; didn't need proof
The only safe place is the roof
No time to think grab what you can
A couple knifes and a frying pan
cries of agony from the floor below
it's getting close and I really should go

Too late. ones at the door
Only see one but there could be more
yeah there could be scores

aim for the head. throw the knife
Its the second time he lost his life

Hear a scream down the hall
Leave'em for dead No time to stall
No time to waste run to the stairs
It echoes and echoes the sound of despair

In the stairs think I'm in the clear
Maybe they've only made it up to here
I hear a crash a couple floors down
I'm getting paranoid one could be around
I climb the steps; I grow with fear
cuz I hear their footsteps and they're getting near
I'm exhausted but not much more
I think I see the access door

At the roof. here at last
Lock the door and do it fast
Look around the sky's on fire
Looks like my chances got dire
No survivors. no point to yell
The entire city's gone to hell
Up too high and no where to run
Looks like this world is done
The door is starting to break
Maybe coming up here was a big mistake

The door busts open and three run out
Can I survive it I highly doubt
Kill myself or become their kin
Id rather fall with my back to the wind
Track Name: Sick Day
Not again

Can't get up
Half awake

Brains telling me to go go go
Body replying no no no
The horrors of consciousness
Can't even think how I'm going to dress

I can't do it
Not today

Gotta get up. put on pants
I Fall back asleep I didn't have a chance

i'm not sick
i'm not hungover, just tired
Pick up the phone
Make up a voice
which disease will be my choice
It doesn't matter
Aids or the flu
I think I'll pick the latter
Got nothing planned
That's not important
I just want to lie here dormant

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