Shat Shorts / Bandname Split 7"

by Shat Shorts

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2 songs from Shat Shorts and 1 song from Bandname.

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released March 9, 2012

(Shat Shorts) Recorded at HQ by Anton and Gabe
Mixed by Anton and Gabe
Mastered by Josh Bonati


all rights reserved



Shat Shorts D.C.

five friends making weird music together. we're from dc. we'll play whatever basement if you email us at

members of Monument
ex members of Dawntreader, The Summer We Went West, French Stewart, Mop Attack, Hobis
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Track Name: Moving Weight
Who gives a fuck what a hater gotta say
I just spent the last couple months moving weight
Yes I look like thor
Cause I look like a god compared to before
Working on it like its my occupation
My curls requires constant concentration
Look glamorous but check my core
I am beating your push up high score
I pick it up I put it down
And when it hits the floor it shakes the ground
Cmon two more
Deadlift this shit off the floor
Cmon bro you gotta get max reps
And after all of that you gotta climb these steps
you gotta drink shakes
you gotta get mad gains
or it wasn't or it wasn't or it wasn't
worth the pain
Track Name: What'd You Do Last Night?
Hey man what'd you do last night
You're looking rough. Were you in some kind of fight?
Nah but last night was kind of crazy
Or so I think...Its all kind of hazy
I know I'm battered and bruised
But We were bored and wanted to be amused

i'm so drunk I could jump through a window

And so I did
Crashed through the glass stained the ground
Didn't think it'd make that awful sound
And I'm too fucked up to recognize the pain
Cause I'm bleeding like I hit a major vein
And I gotta get up I gotta make my escape
Cause I just did this in someone elses place
And I can't feel my face

I don't care

And Tonight
And Tonight We're gonna do it again

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